A UFO can be seen here above the Doodler.

UFO Edit

UFOs are one of the hazards that can be encountered in Doodle Jump, along with monsters. These are accompanied with a buzz-like sound warning, similar to monsters, and can be shot or jumped on. If the Doodler collides with a UFO, the Doodler is sucked inside and the game ends. UFOs take on different appearances in different Doodle Jump Worlds. It also is possible that the monsters are actually aliens and these are their transportation/secret weapon.

Types of UFOSEdit

  • Original: A green UFO
  • Christmas: A red Santa sleigh
  • Jungle: A red, white-spotted mushroom top
  • Halloween: Large silver grinning ghosts with arms
  • Space: A futuristic spaceship
  • Soccer: A half of a soccer ball
  • Underwater: A white jellyfish
  • Easter: A rabbit's cotton tail
  • Ninja: A straw hat
  • Ice Blizzard: An Igloo

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