DoodleJUMP iOS

The Space theme, seen here. The Doodler is in the process of being abducted by a UFO and a black hole can be seen in the lower left.

Doodle Jump Space is one of the themes in Doodle Jump. The Doodler wears an astronaut costume and the monsters resemble robots and space aliens. The rocket ships are much more common than in any other theme. The background is blackish-blue with stars, and comets often shoot across, but they don't affect the Doodler's jumping. Many planets appear along the left and right of the screen, and they include a blue planet with lots of craters, a similar planet in a reddish color, a cheese moon, and a planet with wavy purple lines all across it. Farther in the level a blue planet with rings resembling saturn is visible. After that, a green planet with craters is visible.There are often situations in Doodle Jump Space that involve jumping on monsters instead of platforms.

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